Introducing CARA, CERN’s COVID Airborne Risk Assessment tool

CARA, CERN-made software modelling the concentration of viruses in enclosed spaces, will inform space-management decisions on the CERN sites

11 Mar 2022

CERN designs a mould for mass production of face shields

An open hardware CERN design is helping people with hearing loss during the COVID-19 pandemic

27 Nov 2020

CERN and the LHC experiments’ computing resources in the global research effort against COVID-19

As time moves on and the community gets organised, new computing-related solutions and collaborations unfold to help tackle the COVID-19 pandemic.

31 Jul 2020

CERN develops washable 3D-printed face mask

CERN engineers have developed 3D-printed face masks with changeable filters, and published their designs through the CERN Open Hardware License.

10 Jun 2020

CERN against COVID-19 seminar

Members of the CERN against COVID-19 Task Force presented the work of the Task Force in an online seminar on 20 May

26 May 2020

COVID-19 and Global Youth Leadership

On 14 May, 1M2030 is hosting an online event for young speakers to present their projects in front of a large audience, and to discuss the way ahead with senior experts.

13 May 2020

A wealth of ideas

The CERN against COVID-19 task has uncovered a rich seam of creative thinking in the CERN community about how to tackle this unprecedented situation.

13 May 2020

CERN updates its Open Hardware Licence

The fight against the COVID-19 pandemic has put the spotlight on the CERN Open Hardware License as a tool for publishing designs of medical devices and items of personal protective equipment, enabling their production wherever there is a need.

08 May 2020

An International Review for the High Energy Ventilator

On 23 April, an international expert committee convened to review the HEV ventilator and advise the team developing it on the necessary next steps to deploy the ventilator in the global fight against COVID-19.

28 Apr 2020

The CERN Fire and Rescue Service at the time of COVID-19

The CERN Fire and Rescue Service has always worked closely with its partners in CERN’s Host States, France and Switzerland. With the advent of COVID-19, that cooperation is closer than ever.

27 Apr 2020

Supplying PPEs from CERN to the local community: a carefully coordinated supply chain

CERN’s production of protective visors and sanitizer gel has proven very popular with local front-line organisations and workers, necessitating a carefully coordinated supply chain.

24 Apr 2020

CERN technologies contribute to openUp2U, a learning platform for schools in Europe

The free remote-learning platform enables continued learning during the COVID-19 pandemic

16 Apr 2020

#EUvsVirus a pan-European hackathon

The European Commission, working with the EU member states is organising a pan-European hackathon from 24-26 April to address COVID-19 related challenges. 

08 Apr 2020